Destination – Real World

by fromthetigersmouth

So there it was. My last essay ever handed in. Ever. Well that happened bloody quickly. Destination – Real world. What that entails, I’m not quite sure. As I enter this new phase of my life, I thought it was about high time that I started a blog. Yes that typical cliché: A budding English student on the cusp of hunting for a career in journalism writing about himself and his attempts to get said career. I for one am not nearly big enough to break the mold of this stereotype. I’m only 5”4.

I suppose I should give some explanation to why I’ve dragged you all here. This website’s going to act as a series of things, not merely a vent for my ranting’s and ravings as I struggle to gain a hold on the literary ladder (Note: this ladder isn’t literal. If it were, I’d have a right challenge typing). No, this website will also act as a vent of information for this band that I’m a member of called ‘Bengal Lancers.’ Not only do you get the opportunity to hear about my day to day struggles in one career path, but those of another. That’s two for the price of one and you should find yourselves lucky. I’ll keep those interested (that’s you, hopefully) with the growth of the band as we attempt to make a name for ourselves, and keep you posted with recording, writing and gig dates’ etcetera. Who knows, I might even stick on a song or two.

On top of that, I’m going to stick up any reviews and articles that I write over the coming months so that you chaps can have a gander and tell me what you guys think. There are three things to sink your teeth into. De La Soul said it was magic, so who knows what could happen. If you’re lucky my first review might be up tonight, so keep posted, cheers.