Track Review: Arcade Fire – Reflektor

by fromthetigersmouth


This season it seems that Disco is the new black. Arcade Fire’s most recent tour-de-force comes bounding through in a conga line of synths and drum swells. Nearly Clocking in the 8 minute mark, fans of LCD sound system will not have to listen hard to hear James Murphy’s influence as producer pulsing through. Whilst past efforts have often held a great significance for melody, here the Canadian septet has traded in the orchestra for drums and minimal techno thumps. The result is something earthier, more rhythmic and equally as intoxicating. When the penny finally drops and song picks up the pace it’s like two worlds colliding. The howling winds from ‘Month have May’ have blown into the discotheque of ‘The Sprawl II’. It’s angry, yet funky. Hypnotic, repetitive and downright groovy Arcade Fire has left us wanting more. Bowie’s collaboration is just the icing on the cake.