‘Then and Now’ – An Introduction

by fromthetigersmouth

Hullo all!

As I’ve steadily starting getting more and more involved in this writing malarkey I feel it’s high time I start on quite a large project that’s been floating in my head for a while. This came to me in the form of a dream. Well, not really, more a conversation between myself and a good friend who’s also into music. Not really a dream at all.

I have decided to group this series under the title of ‘Then and Now’. This title should shed some light on the purpose of what I’ll be trying to achieve. For the next few weeks/months/however long I can be bothered, I’ll be making a collection of sort of biographical essays in regards to a collection of bands. Dependant on how solid the Wikipedia entry is.

These articles will aim to paint a solid portrait of a bands growth up until now. Not only will I be looking bands that have managed to stay consistently in the limelight, but also those that have faded into obscurity. More so, I’ll be looking at some bands that have released some fantastic albums, but still stay shrouded with only a cult following or may not have made it over the pond.  

The purpose is a simple one. Not only will this give me something to write about in my spare time that allows me to put some of the skills from that little thing called a degree into practice, but also I hope to give you guys something as well. It might be something simple: Listening to the album from that band you love that you never really gave the time for or skirted over accidentally. You may find a band up here that you have never really heard of, and if so I implore you to have a listen to some of their stuff!

Ultimately I’m just looking to share some information about the music I love and share it with others. If it goes well, who knows!

P.S if you have any ideas of musicians I should look at, please post away, this is as much for me as it is for you,