by fromthetigersmouth

Happy New Year!

Well, better late than never eh? I’m hoping the year started with as much joy as mine did. That is, surrounded by a gropeling* of cougars in a dingy pirate bar located near the arsehole end of Devon. But alas, that story must come another time. For this post is all about resolutions; those pesky year-long attempts at bettering ourselves.

In true form I’ve gone with the usual ones this year: Get in shape, get a job that will fill me with a sense of pride (EDIT: Just getting a job would be fantastic right now, thanks), getting a new hair-cut. Etcetera.

Now, like most, it’s not likely that I will achieve all of the above. Many of you will note that it is only likely that I will saunter into my usual cycle of sloth, gluttony, and all of the sins that follow.

Rather than falling at the first hurdle I’ve set myself a couple of challenges to keep me on the straight and narrow. Call it Crystal Maze – Life Edition.

Putting Pen to Paper:

First things first, I’m opening the gates to ‘From the Tiger’s Mouth’ for a second time

I re-read the first little post on this blog and let’s be honest it wasn’t too hard to find. This website started with a purpose and that had somehow gotten lost fast. In the chaos of graduate life I was trapped under a sea of job applications, internships and attempts to retain any sense of independence gained during Uni. Trust me it’s hard as hell to do that when you’re back to having mum iron your boxers.

Rather than scratching my bollocks in their freshly pressed, fabric softened home, I’ve decided to come back here and finish what I started. Or didn’t really.

Whilst I managed to squeeze out a couple of interviews here and there, I forgot one of the primary reasons I started this site in the first place: My band. All I did was tell you our name. Nothing Else. Like a game of QWOP I didn’t make it that far at all.

So starting off, in the next few weeks I’m going to fill you in with what Bengal Lancers* have been up to. Trust me, there’s been a lot: EP Releases delayed by faecal floods, Coke-head support acts, and some more shambolic situations.

Alongside that I’ll still be posting the same old articles up, I’ll even try and expand my repertoire a bit. Expect more than you got last time. It won’t be hard.

Forgetting the Past:

This might seem like some serious pretentious film-noire detective nonsense. My dark past; shady dealings with dangerous individuals, a hidden marriage, a gun in a bookcase. Let’s be honest, my life hasn’t had any of that…yet.  

Instead my last year was pretty damn awesome, I graduated from a great university, made some life- long friends, and stumbled through some of the greatest moments of my life. However, there is always a danger of living in the past. As I said earlier, I began to miss the independence gained at university. However I came to realise it’s more the other way round. I’d become dependent on that very idea. Like many, I became infatuated on what I’d lost; a house full of friends, studying something I was truly passionate about, the freedom to walk to Co-op in a dressing gown at 10 am whilst shitfaced on a Wednesday morning. All the greater things that came with university.

However, I’ve steadily realised that this is a lie. Whilst it can be a bit of a nightmare living back with the rents, nothing beats the magic of central heating. Or a fridge full of food.

The burdens of home life become a perk. Not only that, they become a drive. In this once terrifying wide world, you realise that it really is up to you to make the most of it. You realise it’s time to forget past successes, and start making some more.

So I started this year by quitting my bar job.

Rather than descending into alcoholism I’ve begun taken my first steps towards doing the things I love, and had some success. In the last few months of the year I managed to get some stories published for a city wide paper. They’ll probably make an appearance on this blog and if you haven’t yet I’d love you to read over them and tell me what you think.

I’ve started to look past the sheltered belief that I will be handed a Job. Jobs aren’t given out like assessments. They’re out there, you’ve just got to know how to look and you need to look hard. Over the past year I’ve seen friends work their arses to get where they are. Some got their jobs in weeks, some many months. It’s a case of realising what you want and going for it. Sorry to go all positivity preachy on you, but it’s as simple as that.

Health and safety:

I’ve decided to save the worst till last. I’ve always been relatively proud of my own personal fitness. It was something that blossomed during university. However, on a diet of Kebabs and Frosty Jacks I was never going to be Mr Universe. So this year I’ve decided to step things up and try actually get in some serious shape. It’s the king of clichés I know. But while I’m young and carefree I might as well give it a go. You know, go the whole nine yards. Or more: 40 Miles to be precise.

That’s right, I’ve decided a marathon wasn’t really enough so I’m taking on two. I can barely jog down the fucking road.

In honesty, I’ve always wanted to do something impressive that I’d remember. I’m pretty certain I won’t forget dying of exhaustion in the middle of the Lake District. But it’s all for charity, and if I succeed it’ll be pretty awesome.

Right I’m off for a jog to sign on.

All the best,


*Gropeling: A group of hungry Cougars. If you don’t know what a Cougar is, ask your mother.