Klaxon’s ‘There is no other time’ – Single Review

by fromthetigersmouth

Reading 2007. I’m standing outside a tent couped up against a rail with my friends in the hopes of successfully entering a jam-packed to tent to catch a glimpse of Britain’s next big thing: the Klaxons.

Fast-forward to 2014, and the years haven’t been kind.

After a lacklustre second album whose only redeeming feature was the album cover, I still had high hopes for the Klaxon’s latest release: “there is no other time”.

and what a brilliant cover photo it was. Image: Klaxons - surfing the void

And what a cover it was

What we’ve received is a slap in the face. Well sort of.

Now hear me out, this slow rather monotonous, dull song isn’t the worst in the world, nor is it ground breaking. I credit the fact that they’re looking to grow, and if you’re expecting traditional Klaxons you’ll be rather shocked – imagine a mid-summer Calvin Harris track. Only badder.

It’s just a shame really; Children of the Sun (the B-side) is ballsy, brash, and bloody brilliant. This time, the drone works, because it’s got some substance. Gritty, dirty substance.

In the end I’m pretty two-sided with the new Klaxons release. God knows what the album’s going to be like. Have they lost their magick?

The one thing I do know is that back in 2007, we ended up leaving and watching the smashing pumpkins instead, and it was bloody fantastic.