King TV – Scumbag

by fromthetigersmouth


Ah, the joys of being a late teen; legally entering pubs you’ve been sneaking into for the past two years, hair growing from strange new places and a massive inability to talk to the opposite sex in fear of turning into a gibbering hormonal mess – Golden years.

For many, myself included, this is all that you can expect over that wonderful twilight period before your twenties – between being a stupid young person scratching their bollocks and being a slightly hairier person who has less of an idea what’s going on and only scratches their bollocks when their flatmate isn’t looking them in the eye.

Unless you’re King TV who have somehow managed to be productive little buggers, pull their hands out of their pants and create an absolute storm in the past year: a constant presence on the South London music scene, relentlessly gigging without a moment pause, releasing a number of fantastic track in the process which has defined a band that sound well beyond their years; not only in terms of the time they’ve been together, but the style and quality of the music they’re making.

Safe to say, with latest release ‘Scumbag’ you’re provided with much of the same: Three-and-a-half minutes of psychedelic sonic bliss that comes in the form of relentless drumming and chord-beaten rock’n’roll made with the energy of youth and a sound that spans from the 60’s to the Libertines. With a chorus just begging for a crowd to tear shit up to, ‘Scumbag’ is exactly what we’ve come to expect of this NME-touted four piece: Simply bloody brilliant.

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