Resolutions II (A Recap)

by fromthetigersmouth




It’s 2015 already. God didn’t that fly by quick. It feels like only yesterday that I wrote that post promising so much change ahead. In fact, it’s worryingly easy to find on this site.


Before you go jumping the gun saying that I’m a liar and that I said I’d write so much more on this website, give me a moment – I did write. Just not here. Or about the band. Much.

Over the course of a year much happened: I realised I look really good in pink and that I can pull off a collarless shirt (this is a rather late revelation, but still one I’m rather proud of).

I managed that bastard awful run. Turns out it was 42 miles, not 40. That surprise went down worse than watching the red wedding. Whilst getting a prostate exam. (Just to clarify – this didn’t actually happen, I prefer my television viewing to stay separate from my grooming habits).

I’ve also become dangerously blind; the arduous task of locating my glasses now a regular occurrence  as I stumble into the dim darkness of a January morning. To go to work. That’s right, I only ended up going and getting a bloody job. Quite a few actually, which accounts for the rather minimalist look I’ve got going for this website at the moment.

First up – Journalism. I somehow ended up stumbling into a job writing real stories that were published in a real journal read by real people. To this day, I still don’t fully understand how this happened.

Alas it was short lived, as all temporary roles are.

The life of a temp is that of the vacant nomad, travelling but never really finding a home. Or getting paid. Nevertheless, it was a fantastic experience, I learnt a lot about the writing world from fantastic people and made some great friends along the way.

At this moment, I am still engaged in working. Apparently this has become a compulsory thing to prevent you from starving to death whilst earning fun coupons in the process.  But that’s not to say the writing suffered. I’ve spent a great deal of time writing for a much more organised publication in my spare time (mainly because I’m not running the show) – MusicUmpire.

It’s been a fantastic way to stretch my fingers and expand my repertoire. Over the next couple of months I plan to jump headfirst into a pile of features/articles/reviews/interviews and if you could read them that would be great. Here’s a link – 

However, I did slip up on writing about one rather large thing I promised to:

The Band. 

This website has acted as a fantastic canvas for promoting the tracks and showcasing the lyrics – a rather daunting task for any musician to offer up, but it’s nice to make clear that I’m not singing about failing to maintain an erection (‘Can’t get OUT’ not ‘UP’ all you hilarious so-and-so’s out there). But I never really maintained our promises to keep up to date on our goings on and really expand what we’ve been up to.

But that changes. Now.

2014 was fantastic – If not a bit of a culture shock at first. After the comfort of Leicester, London in all her majesty proved a bit daunting.

The ease and immediacy of practicing and gigging was something that had come second nature during our times in the East Mid-lands. An easy stroll, a five minute drive. But not in London.  People don’t all live in a single cultural bubble with all that is necessary to perform within arms reach.

Instead you have to get trains, and trains are absolutely useless bastards. Over these 52 weeks I have made it on time to approximately zero practices.

Now many people will know that I am not exactly great with time. In fact I’m so bad, many of my friends have taken to devising a so-called ‘Harry Time’ that multiplies any of my estimations by three. It’s a very good system.

However, for some reason it appears that all rail suppliers based in and out of the city have decided to make it their mission to employ people of the same mind as I, albeit more lax and with no prior knowledge of GMT.

But asides from the delays, everything else has gone absolutely fantastic. Over the year, we’ve gone from strength to strength and I think the shift to the big city has done us a helluva world of good in putting things into perspective.

We gigged heavily, sometimes to great crowds, other times to the stools at the bar. We picked up some sets at local festivals and managed to record a single which recieved a great response, something we never expected (It’s something we still can’t compute).

Greater still, we managed to get signed to a label set up by some of my personal heroes and believe me when I say there’s much stuck in the pipeline.

We managed to build a musical family with those around us: Escapists, Elephants & Castles, King TV, Bellwether, The Jaggs – all of them have helped make the year better and if you haven’t listened to any of them yet I highly suggest you plug some headphones and get cracking. It feels bloody nice to be part of the scene and I can’t wait to see what successes 2015 bring for all of us.

I originally planned that this would be a brief summary before I wrote more on what’s coming up for the Lancers, but as usual i got carried away. Sometimes you’ve just got to go with the flow. Anyway, I’ve gotta get some shut eye so that I can stumble about bleary eyed trying to find my vision. Happy New Year.