On your Marks. Get Set.

by fromthetigersmouth


Like that, the New Year has started with a rather promising bang. For those out of the loop, 2014 ended in a very relaxed style as Charlie had to have an operation on his foot for reasons practitioners of Medical Science still aren’t fully sure about. Sadly, they couldn’t do anything to fix his face.

Safe to say, we finished the year with our feet up (literally).

But during this time out we haven’t just been scratching our behinds. Asides from that, we finally got our heads together and mapped from the ground up to make certain that 2015 was as fantastic a year as possible. Here’s the first big bit of news:

“The E.P.”:

After months of radio silence I can now happily announce that were heading straight back into the studio with the fantastic Max Perryment to work on our first full E.P. The track list is pretty much set in stone and it’s just a case of getting in the room and smashing the beast out.

And boy, what a treat we’ve got in store for you – I don’t want to give away too much, but safe to say there will be a couple of fan favourites and some new sounds to get your grubby mitts on. Here’s hoping you and I don’t have to wait long.

New Year. New Gear:

Santa was a generous wee bastard this year to the Lancers trio. Some nice new goodies to show off along the way:

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 21.33.24

First up – the Fender Blues Jr.

This little monster is now residing in my household and dear god does she make a beautiful noise. It’s going to be an absolute revelation taking my own amp with me to shows. Prior to this I owned a Laney that weighed approximately 15 tonnes and was built for playing Death Metal on. Not exactly suitable, but you make do with what you’ve got.

No more excuses now. This tiny 15-Watt box of fun can go from purring like a kitten to howling like a wolf at the turn of a volume knob. I couldn’t recommend it enough. The cleans are angelic but if you crank up the volume and toggle the ‘fat switch’ on, you’ve got an unholy racket on you’re hands.

As for other gizmos, Max has invested in a Micro Korg and my jealousy knows no bounds. With the amount of scope that you can play around with on these things It’s going to add a totally new dynamic to our live sound and I can’t wait to get down to Deptford and have a mess around. It will almost certainly be making an appearance on one (if not several tracks on the EP).

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 21.34.18

Although not new, I’ve only recently learnt to really use the BitCommander to it’s full capabilities. Hats off to EarthQuaker Devices for successfully boxing the sound of Satan’s orgasm in a box.

This thing is the sound of the world ending – an analog guitar synth that will give Max’s Korg a run for it’s money. Word’s don’t give justice just to how chunky, aggressive and downright awesome this octave-shifting, ball-tingling bastard is. It’ll be making an appearance on the new recordings don’t you worry.


To finish this little update off, I’m pleased to announce our first show of the year. We’ll be heading to see our good friend Roof Dog at the Brixton Windmill this Wednesday (21-Jan) as headliners. We’ll be showing off a lot of new tracks we’ve been working on, so come on down and break up the working week with a couple of beers and some hooting and howling.

Doors open at 8pm and it’s only three quid to get in. What more could you ask for? – Here’s a link to find out more: http://windmillbrixton.co.uk/listings/events/21-jan-15-bengal-lancers-the-windmill/

Thanks for checking in, hope to see you up there on Wednesday.