We Ride at Dawn…

by fromthetigersmouth

20090_10155595006540621_8112252114173669599_nJust a quick update before I head off to the land of nod.

We fly. Tomorrow.

I am yet to complete packing. I’ve only just purchased phone insurance after several members of the family (and some strangers) reminded me of my track record regarding the loss of electronic devices/clothing/etc and stated it would be reckless to behave otherwise. My mind now jumps back to having a rather crafty Belgium who stole my phone and accosted my mother, stating that I had been arrested in Budapest for pooping myself.

Boy was that a fun hangover. 

Rather than double-check my itinerary or make a mental note of any remaining tasks that are needed to be done I have retreated here. I am in that current state of excitement/sheer-unadultarated-terror that comes before any long trip away from home.

That is not to say that tonight has not been without success – I managed to successfully break into an iPhone 3gs using a micro-Sim. I now feel comparable to a new-age James Bond. Tomorrow I shall have a Martini after boarding.

Well. I would, if it was not that we were flying the worlds cheapest flight known to man.

We don’t even have food. Or Telly’s.  Given the rate we’ve paid I’m not even sure if we’ll have seats, let alone entertainment. However, given that I will be trapped in a small confined metal space for close to 12 hours, I’m pretty certain that I’ll very rapidly lose my mind and develop a fiction comparable to the opening scene in ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’

The proposed alternative is the purchase of some industrial strength antihistamines and a few drabs of whiskey. However, this could also lead to a similar result as described above, and although I can imagine a stark-naked man strolling into customs wearing nothing but a smile yelling that he has now seen the face of ZOD probably won’t go down too grandly with American Boarder Patrol.

Wish me Luck.