Travel Update 1: Fast-times in LAX

by fromthetigersmouth

A whiskey in hand, Harry stepped out of the limo alongside his partner in crime. Where they headed, they weren’t really sure. It didn’t really matter, they had a heap of booze and the world at their sleeves…

Well, that was how it played out in my head anyway. I awoke dazed and confused after our first really big night out in LA much the same as usual – due to the horrendous thundering of the gentleman asleep in the bunk next to me. ‘Snorlax’ as we have affectionately dubbed him, has become a regular feature in both mine and Jamie’s lives over the past week. As such, he embodies everything negative and foul with this world. Waking up at intervals spreading between 1am and 9am have become ritual in the small ecosystem within our dorm. Snorlax – he speaks to no man, but makes bloody certain you know he’s asleep.

As such, this brief update will probably appear sporadic and confusing, but that sums up LA for you; Lights, cameras, action. In the short-time we’ve done much – seeing the stars, hiking up to the Hollywood sign, eating Japanese burgers with branded buns. Even the Limo situation above actually happened, albeit much less glamorous as we stumbled around LA after several litres of free Canadian-branded whiskey.

Safe to say, In true “Sullivan” style, I successfully lost my phone that evening. Do not mix an empty stomach with free alcohol and an over-the-top mode of transport.

If anything, it should be considered a record and I’m having far too much fun to reflect on my stupidity at this moment in time. I did however, have several hours to do so the day after it happened. Oh boy, did I chastise myself good and proper. After the in-and-out burger and drunken trip to Griffith Observatory that followed. Getting lost, whist half-cut after Birthday breakfast beers, on top of a mountain is not nearly as fun as I expected it be.

Nor is walking for three and half hours to find that Malibu consists of one homeless man applying lipstick on a highway and Taco-Bell. If there is one piece of advice I can provide on my trip so far, it is this: Do Not Eat Taco-Bell

With a consistency like sand and the nutritional value of a bag of farts, I highly recommend you spend your days drinking the moisture gathered off of rocks rather than feast on the Chicken Burrito Supreme.

Sadly, this post cannot really capture the memories that we’ve made so far – we’ve had some fantastic food, been to some of the coolest bars in the world and met some absolute legends. If anything it’s acting as evidence that I’m still alive to my Mother and Father. I’ll be sure to expand to it when I get a chance, but there’s a free BBQ, Beer and we need to plan how the hell we’re getting to Santa Barbara.

Till then,

All the best,

H x