by fromthetigersmouth


Look to the Moon

I’ll Howl for You

Into the Blue

Where it all came True

(For You)


It feels a bit funny thinking back to the start of 2015, when we found ourselves outside Fat Tank Studios. If there’s one thing I know for certain, it was that it was bastard cold.

Over the course of that weekend (and several others), we came away with a number of tracks, but in hindsight I’m shocked we didn’t think of releasing Moon/Sun as a Double-A side sooner.

We wrote ‘Moon/Sun’ a long-long time ago. However I’m happy we waited to record them, I don’t think we could have ever given them the justice they deserved until now.*

In regards to the track’s themselves, I remember writing the lyrics whilst on holiday with a collection of uni-mates after graduation.

It was paradise – I was surrounded by the people I loved, soaked in sun with my future in the palm of my hand.

Yet, at the same time I couldn’t brush off the niggling feeling of what some would call “real” life rushing towards me: Moving back to the city, struggling to see those closest, the 9-5, tube strikes, lunch-breaks, delays, the inevitable humdrum of it all.

These things terrified me (and often still do).


Went to the lake

& you ran away

Dove into the Blue

& I fell from You

And you’d say


“Bring it back into the Sun”


Looked to the Moon

& I fell for you

Dove into the Sea

and you fell with me

and you’d scream 


“Bring it back into the Sun”


When myself, Charlie and Max sat down all those years ago and wrote these tracks, we were all uncertain of what was next, especially when it came to Bengal Lancers. We were terrified we wouldn’t continue.

Luckily that wasn’t the case.

I guess that is what’s really at the heart of ‘Moon/Sun’ – that feeling of leaping into the great unknown and hoping for the best. In the end it’s all you can really do.

H x

 *This is largely down to the guidance and beautiful production quality provided by Max Perryment, which I can safely say the three of us are eternally grateful for. I’m certain you’d be listening to complete shite otherwise.